GM and Honda Pair to Develop Electric Car Batteries

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"GM's decades of electrification experience and strategic EV investments, alongside Honda's commitment to advancing mobility, will result in better solutions for our customers and progress on our zero emissions vision," — Mark Reuss, GM Executive Vice President of Global Production Development

Moon Honda, your local Honda dealership, is happy to announce that General Motors has teamed with Honda to work together in order to develop next-generation battery technology to be used in future electric cars. These brand new batteries are rumored to be outfitted with advanced chemistry, higher energy density, smaller overall packaging, as well a faster rate of recharging. GM and Honda have stated that the new battery will be mostly used for North American car, trucks, and SUV models, though no specific timeline for the development has been announced yet. Both Honda and GM are excited to use these batteries, stating that the shared development process will lead to greater value and lower prices for customers of both brands.

The Honda lineup and the GM lineup are both full of electric as well as hybrid vehicles, with both brands planning on further developing those lineups soon. Honda is also proud to be part of a Japanese consortium to further investigate using solid-state batteries which may be able to deliver a 500-mile range in one single charge. Here at Moon Honda, your Honda dealer near Pittsburgh, we can’t wait to see what the future holds and how it can change the way our customers drive.

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