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It’s summertime and our team at Moon Township Honda, your local Honda dealership, knows that our customers cannot wait to hit the road to travel all over the country in search of adventure. However, one main component of every road trip is making sure that your vehicle is properly prepared for whatever the road might throw at you and that you’re ready for any potential emergencies. A great way to do so is to organize and pack a kit filled with the essentials you need before you hit the road. This is a tip that our experienced staff at Moon Township Honda, your local Honda dealer near Pittsburgh, stand behind because a well-stocked kit can give you the peace of mind that you deserve and will let you enjoy every minute of your summer road trip. Check out some suggestions that we have complied on what to put in your road trip kit, which will help you have the best journeys in your Honda this summer:

• First-Aid Supplies — This is a no-brainer because the safety of you and your passengers is always a main priority. You definitely will want to have bandages, gauze, ointment and other medicines, surgical tape, scissors, thread, etc. for whatever medical issues may come up. Our team at Moon Township Honda, your local Honda dealership, will be happy to pass along other recommendations on what other first-aid components you should have in your summer road trip kit.

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• Vehicle Emergency Supplies — Your Honda always should contain some form of supplies for roadside crises and this kit can bolster that. Be sure to include jumper cables, road flares or a flare gun, a tire jack, portable air pump, a spare tire, tire iron, small containers of oil or gas and much more. Feel free to contact the expert service department at Moon Township Honda, your local Honda dealer near Pittsburgh, about what other vehicle emergency supplies would be great fits for your summer road trip kit.

• Commodity Supplies — Besides major emergencies, it is smart to include several necessities of everyday life while you are traveling in your Honda. Several components could be bottled water, non-perishable snacks, flashlights, spare phone car chargers, sleeping bags, toiletries, sun protection, small camping gear items like a portable stove and others.

Here at Moon Township Honda, your local Honda dealership, we hope that you, our customers, find these tips useful. We also recommend that you bring your Honda in to our service department and let our factory-trained service technicians thoroughly examine your vehicle and service any potential issues before you head out. Contact or visit us today and be sure to have fun on all of your summer road trips!
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