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Our staff at Moon Township Honda, your local Honda dealership, understands that summer is the ideal time to take plenty of road trips with your friends and family. That is why we want to ensure that you are completely ready for wherever you are heading. If your Honda is fully equipped with everything you need, then you and your passengers will be able to truly enjoy the road trip that you have been waiting for all year long. You can guarantee that your Honda in Moon Township is ready for the road with these five steps:

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  1. Get Your Honda Inspected — You should bring your Honda to Moon Township Honda, your Honda dealer near Pittsburgh, to get it inspected before taking your trip. Our factory-trained technicians will resolve any issues you have and give you the peace of mind that you deserve as you drive. Be sure to schedule a service appointment today.
  2. Give It A Once-Over — Before you hit the road in your Honda, be sure to carefully examine it and see if everything is in order. It is a good idea to check the air in your tires, the level of fluids you have, how your engine is running and how your brakes are performing. This will prevent any unexpected incidents from happening as you drive. ??
  3. Know How To Do Simple Maintenance — Our team at Moon Township Honda, your local Honda dealership, suggests that you know how to perform basic service on your Honda before you depart for your road trip. It is smart to know how to change a tire and check your engine’s fluid levels, like your oil and radiator fluids. You can find more information about how to do so in the owner’s manual of your Honda.
  4. Ensure Your Lights Are Working Over the course of your road trip, you might find yourself driving at night and that is where the head and tailights of your Honda will come in handy. That is why our staff at Moon Township Honda, your local Honda dealer near Pittsburgh, suggests that you guarantee that all of your lights are in working order and that you always see what is on the road ahead of you.
  5. Equip Your Honda With OEM Parts — Here at Moon Township Honda, your local Honda dealership, we recommend that you always outfit your Honda in Reading with OEM-certified parts like brake pads, air filters and more. That way, you will have complete of mind knowing that your vehicle has the best Honda has to offer and will not let you down.
Our team at Moon Township Honda, your local Honda dealership, hopes you find these tips useful and that you enjoy all the road trips you take this summer!
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