Why Lease at Moon Honda?

If you are looking to bring home a new Honda in Moon Township but can't decide over the great financing v. leasing debate, we are here to help! Honda offers many reasons and benefits to leasing a vehicle. From our outstanding damage waiver to our guaranteed purchase price, we care about you and your lease long after you drive off of our lot. We know that finding the cash for a new car can be stressful. That is why we work with you financially with end-of-term flexibility and a waived turn-in fee for loyal customers. There is no better place to lease a new Honda in Moon Township than from you friends here at Moon Township Honda. We have the great Honda lease deals in Moon Township that you have been seeking out.

Turn-in Fee Waived for Loyal Customers

A loyal client is one who purchases or leases another new Honda vehicle within 30 days of the turn-in date.

$500 Excessive Wear and Use or Damage Waiver

Honda Leadership Leasing includes a $500 excessive wear and use or damage waiver. Loyal customers that purchase or lease their next Honda vehicle might qualify for an additional waiver and could be eligible to get their turn-in cost waived. The total amount is not to exceed $1,000.


Flexible Terms

Contracts vary from 24-60 months. You can get rid of monthly lease payments with our One-Payment Leasing program.

Multiple Mileage Options

Choose between 12,000 or 15,000 miles per year. Additional miles can be bought during the signing period.

Automatic GAP Coverage

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) typically covers the difference between the outstanding lease and insurance payments if your vehicle is stolen or ruled a total loss. GAP coverage comes standard on all Honda Leadership Leases.


Guaranteed Purchase Price

Honda Leadership Leases lock in the end-of-lease purchase price at the time of signing. This can protect you against market fluctuations.

End-of-term Flexibility

After your lease wraps up, a Honda Leadership Lease will still grant you options. You can buy the vehicle for the guaranteed price, lease or purchase a brand new Honda, or simply give back the vehicle.