The Honda brand, known as the first international automaker, has been expanding its product line for more than 50 years to enhance mobility and increase the joy in people's lives. When you drive a Honda model, it is important to familiarize yourself with crucial Honda dashboard warning lights to ensure your vehicle is running optimally. The team at Moon Township Honda is always here to answer your questions in person, by phone, or online. In the meantime, we have formulated a quick reference just in case your handbook is out of reach. The meaning of  Honda dashboard lights could indicate something such as check engine, emissions, brakes, or fuel levels, or it could be security or driver assistance related. These light icons, like the meaning of the triangle icon among your Honda dashboard lights, are displayed by colors and symbols. We encourage you to know what your Honda model is trying to communicate to you for ultimate safety and efficiency. Learn the meaning of the following Honda dashboard lights:

If the red ABS warning light comes on while you are driving your Honda model, your brakes still work but are not operating properly. That means if this light pops up on the dashboard of your Honda Accord dashboard and you need to make an emergency stop, the ABS may not engage. We suggest you drive at a slow speed and a considerable distance from other drivers. Immediately pull over if this light and the Check Braking System light are concurrently displayed.

This red icon on your Honda dashboard lights means your alternator is not charging your car's battery. This could stem from a faulted battery or alternator, a loose belt, or an unsecured electrical connection. Our experienced technicians will help you determine the diagnosis of this issue, so visit Moon Township Honda if this icon appears on your Honda dashboard.

A yellow exclamation point communicates a warning to check your brakes. If you see this icon light up, it means that the computer in your Honda model has detected an issue with the brake system that needs to be addressed. You can visibly check the wear and tear on your brake pads, and should be able to hear if they are worn. We recommend that you immediately pull over if this light and the ABS light up simultaneously.

If the yellow engine light appears on your Honda dashboard, the emissions control system of your Honda model is likely to fail an inspection or smog check. The cause of this light to come on could mean your engine is misfiring, a broken oxygen sensor, or something as easy to fix as a loose gas cap. It is important to see what is causing this imbalance because a faulty emissions control system could mean your car is polluting the air beyond authorized federal standards.

When the low oil pressure warning illuminates on your Honda instrument panel, your car, truck, crossover or SUV model should be inspected immediately. If your engine has low oil pressure, this could indicate a leak in the system or insufficient oil levels to operate safely. Driving a car with low oil pressure can ruin your Honda motor! If your Honda Accord dashboard lights up with this symbol, you should pull over and give us a call at Moon Township Honda or someone else you trust with roadside assistance.

These essential Honda dashboard lights are there to show you issues that may need to be addressed immediately. If you notice any of these lights, then bring your model into the service department at Moon Township Honda for peace of mind. Our highly-trained mechanics know your Honda model inside and out, and will surely fix the problem. If you need to pull over due to a serious matter, call (866) 864-5211 for 24-hour Roadside Assistance to have your vehicle towed or serviced wherever you are located. There are many other Honda dashboard lights meanings, so speak with our team at Moon Township Honda to learn about a specific symbol that you are seeing.