Having a remote engine starter system for your Honda model can make your driving life amazing and very convenient. After all, you just have to press a button on a key fob and your Honda Civic, Honda HR-V, Honda Passport, etc. will instantly start up, letting you hop in the driver's seat and head down the road. You will also be able to lock and unlock your doors whenever you want. While it can be a little tricky to figure out your new remote engine starter system and its components,  the experienced team at your local Honda Pittsburgh dealer understands that and is here to help. We have all the facts you need on this remarkable system and will be glad to walk you through its various features, operating range, battery life, and how it operates. You don't need to be confused by your remote engine starter system because it is here to simplify your daily life. Let us guide you as you learn how to use your new remote engine starter system.

How To Operate Your Remote Engine Starter System

Your remote engine starter system comes with a key fob that serves as a transmitter with a display and several buttons. The professionals at your local Honda dealer want you to know that it has a range of 400 ft., making connecting to your system easy to do. Several of its functions are:

- Turning Your Engine On. You push and release the "ENGINE" button, then push the lock icon button within two seconds.

- Extending Idling Time. After your engine starts, you can tap the lock icon button to let your Honda model idle. Remember that this system features a 20-minute idling mode.

- Turning Your Engine Off. When you are ready to turn your engine off, you just need to push and release the "ENGINE" button, followed by pushing the unlocked icon button within two seconds.

- Checking Your Vehicle's Condition. It's easy to see if the engine of your Honda model is on or  to set the temperature of its interior. All you have to do is press the "ENGINE" button two times within two seconds. You will then get a message across the display of your transmitter.

- Locking Your Doors. To remotely lock your doors, simply press the lock icon button.

- Unlocking Your Doors. To remotely unlock your doors, you just need to press the unlock icon button.

- Setting Your Panic Mode. Acting as a security system, this mode will sound your horn and flash all of your lights whenever a person or another vehicle bumps into your Honda model. You can trigger it yourself by pressing the megaphone icon button for more than one second. To deactivate it, you just need to press the muted megaphone icon button. Be sure to ask the experts at your local Honda Pittsburgh dealer for more information about this.

- Opening Your Trunk. Sometimes you have your arms full of groceries and aren't able to open your trunk yourself. The remote engine starter system makes that a lot easier with its capability to remotely open your trunk. All you have to do is push the "ENGINE" button down for more than 1.5 seconds.

Your remote engine starter system also comes with an automatic defrost function, which will be useful during those long Pennsylvania winters. Do you still have questions about this remarkable system? Contact the team at your local Honda dealership today and let us help make your driving life so much easier!


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